14 Things That I Learned In 2014:

You knew it was coming….the last day of the year.  I warned you and now it is on us.  Of course, like any one else is probably doing, I am reflecting this morning.  Reflecting on the highs and lows of 2014…and there were a lot of both.  And of course I am asking myself “What was it all for?”

I really don’t have a spot on answer to that question.  And, no…I am not making a list of resolutions that I won’t keep throught the weekend.  I am trying to really absorb what I have learned this year versus what I may be revisiting next year due to failing the test.  I know for me, it is all about the life lesson and application whether it is good or bad.

Each of us most likely can share some life lessons that either left you feeling victory or defeat.  If you can’t, you weren’t paying attention.  Without getting into specifics of said life events, I would like to share with you 14 things that I learned in 2014:


1.  Little victories add up to bigger ones…and there is a prize in perseverance.

2.  Out of major mistake can come major blessing.

3.  By doing the next indicated right thing, I have to explain myself a lot less.

4. Simplify.  It’s not overrated.

5. There is no such thing as idle time.  Make the most of it all.

6. Hurt people hurt people…if I know this, it stings less.

7. I can do whatever I set my mind to, just like they said!

8. Receiving can be way harder than giving…but it is necessary to have healthy relationships.

9.  Without direction I am going nowhere.  Literally.

10.  There is no way around it, only through…and I am stronger for it.

11.  It is not necessary for me to be my children’s best friend.

12.  Money is a tool, not a possession.

13.  Love anyway.

14.  If I focus on the future me, it is only a matter of time before I become her.

Of all of these, I think I like 14 the best…and it is apparant that we become what we think.  Yes, I get stuck in a rut just like everyone (coming out of a rather large one now) but in general I try to keep my thinking “forward”.

So as 2015  rolls around tomorrow, I have set myself some high and lofty goals and will be demanding silence from the “Nay-sayers”.  Even if I do not accomplish what I set out to do in these next 365 days, I have not failed if I keep moving in the right direction, do the next indicated right thing, act from a place of love and put doubt in it’s place.  Happy New Year.