South Lake Tahoe Christmas Eve….Wonderful!

th-1At least they waited until 7am.  This is my sleep in week, and although I am not very good at the sleeping part I can justify staying in my room just a little longer to get some things done.  7am rolled around and they were banging on the door.   Tomorrow will be more like 5am…they will hardly be able to contain themselves and the morning of anticipation will comence with a mass unwrapping.  7am on Christmas day hits and I am struck with a feeling of anti-climactic shock…and for what??!  Stuff.  Stuff and things.

Christmas Eve has always been my favorite, hands down.  When the Spirit of Anticpation is at its fullest, I am glowing with a level of  excitement and joy that I don’t tap into on any other day.  I get to be kid like in my adult world and it is liberating!  We spend the day doing things that we love, the kids are all home, the fire is warm and the yummy food abundant.  It is truly the best gift of the season and I live for the days in the year where we lay it all down and come together.  God has wired me to be connected to my tribe and that tribe goes far beyond blood.

This year we were blessed with a little snow and a little more on the way.  A White Christmas is a real possibility!  The skis are ready in the event of a miracle…and I believe in miracles!

There is something entirely special about Lake Tahoe at Christmas time and that point is validated when I look out on the highway to see a constant stream of cars coming down Echo Summit before the holiday.  People love it here and build a tradition with their own by making an annual pilgrimage to the mountains for some together time.  You could offer me a trip of a lifetime anywhere in the world for Christmas and I’d turn you down….this is the only place I desire to be and I am so blessed to call it home.

It is my prayer that each of you carry the Spirit throughout the entire holiday and that it is not deflated by the unwrapping of stuff and things.  I pray that you make lasting and fulfilling memories that will sustain you for the year and beyond…and that you are connected to your loved ones in a way that goes deeper than flesh and bone…for this is a precious gift and no holiday is needed to receive it.