Spectacular September in Tahoe…Superb!


Fabulous weather and a few less people in town are the perfect combo for hitting the trails, beaches, resorts.  This, by and far is my favorite month in Tahoe!  The leaves are turning and the slight chill in the air is a welcome change.

I am born and raised in Nevada, but spent a great deal of time in South Shore when I was growing up because my Grandma lived in Tahoe-Sierra.  She worked the morning shift at Cocking’s (now Remax) and evenings at Harvey’s Wagon Wheel.  In the 90’s, I moved to Stateline and lived at the top of Kingsbury for many years.  There are some trails at Heavenly that really have my heart.  Today I got to spend some time in the mountains…I didn’t see a soul for miles and it was one of the most gorgeous days.

If you can tell me where this altitude marker is from, and you are first, I will send you a surprise!  Email me, message me or track me down of Facebook to claim it!!  I hope you get to enjoy this season while it lasts….it goes so quickly!!