January in Full Swing…

Mid January.  No Snow.  Lake is cold.  Rumor has it that snow is on the way this weekend….but you know what rumors are like.

Regardless if there is snow on the ground or not, the season has been fantastic!  With the milder weather, we have spent a great deal of time outside.  The kids come home after school and play in the neighborhood instead of huddling inside in front of the TV.  Life is good.  Sunrises have been spectacular and the scenery is lovely, as always.  Hiking and biking seems to be the thing this winter….but I get great amusement when I see a car with mountain bikes AND skis on board!20180118_110653

The mild season has been great for buyers and sellers alike.  We are seeing new listings each day and as many sold homes.  One thing that has been on people’s minds is homeowner’s insurance and it’s availability.  Because of some natural disasters in California, you may have to shop around regardless of where you are in the state.  Often I am asked about which insurance company is best…honestly, I only have experience with my own.  But I did stumble onto a review site that you might find helpful should you be in the market.  I will stick to real estate and let these guys answer the insurance stuff:

The Best Homeowners Insurance

Let me know if you find anything helpful in there!


If you are looking for a cute mountain chalet in an epic neighborhood, I have a great one to show you!  Situated on a hill above it all, the views will not disappoint.  270 Heather Circle has a vast lot, great views and a level of peace and quiet that sets it apart from the rest.  Google map it and give me your thoughts!