Winding Down Summer…

As of today, there are only 179 school days left in the new school year.  Yes…summer is slipping away from us.  Although we still have many warm September days ahead it is time to think forward to the colder seasons.  Although my heart isn’t quite ready, my woodpile is.  I am taking every chance I can to take in the beauty of the lake and the peace of the shoulder season.


Our town of South Lake Tahoe has seen hundreds of thousands of visitors this past season, many of them hopeful second home owners.  As August comes to a close it is prudent to point out a few opportunities that the market offers for those who are considering a purchase here at the Lake.


Let’s face it…some sellers were a bit overconfident this year.  Although they offered a lovely and functional home for sale, it is still on the market because the listing price didn’t match what was offered.  This is the season of negotiation, and buyers are in the driver’s seat.  After the bountiful winter of last year many South Shore homeowners do not want to shovel out again.  Sellers who started off a bit unrealistic might be more willing to yield as it gets closer to fall.  Your less than asking but reasonable offer might be just enough to have a deal.

Sellers are also battle weary at this stage of the selling season as having your house on the market can be an arduous task.  Multitudes of showings, low offers and always having to keep the house “show ready” can be tiring, especially if you have children in the home.  Many hold out to this point to make their concessions….. their hope for full asking price turns into “I hope we can sell before the snow flies!”  Buyers are ready to commit and sellers are ready to sell, making September one of the busiest real estate months of the year.

And the timing might be right.   It could be that the seller was waiting for the end of the season to relocate because of employment, beginning of school or whatever reason.  True fact is that people wait until the end of the summer to move on to the next phase and usually closing the sale of the house is a critical piece of the puzzle.  Often times they can’t go to the next phase until they sell, making negotiations lean in favor of the buyer.

Before you know it tax season will be in our midst.  Buying a home in 2017 can really help your bottom line for those of us that need the deductions.  More common than not (although I am not an accountant *disclaimer*) when all the math is done, homeownership really isn’t as much as one would think because of the benefit of write offs.

I mentioned shoulder season.  September is a fantastic time to visit South Lake Tahoe.  The weather is still pleasant, there are many activities around town, the leaves start to change color and the traffic is somewhat lighter.  There will be times you might get the beach all to your self!  If there is any part of you that has romanced a place to call your own at the lake, I encourage you to find it now!  Happy fall!