South Lake Tahoe Real Estate: Make a Decision and Walk it OUT!



For a moment, let’s just say that we aren’t talking about real estate…we are talking about life in general.  I am the kind of person that processes all of the information and then makes a decision at the end.  Sometimes that season of gathering information is long, dry and uneventful…often passing the same landmarks several times due to travelling in circles.  I can over process and over think in a hurry and it becomes a huge setback in my progress and growth.

The best decisions I have ever made were made contrary to who I am by nature….I decided first and then I walked it out!  I find it odd that I revert back to my old ways of processing when I know that this way has been very sucessful for me.  It may have been a ton of hard work, but the results have been life changing.

Now, let’s apply this to real estate….South Lake Tahoe in particular.  Just this week I have had extensive conversations with two people that are thinking about moving to Tahoe.  They both are in the planning stage and entertaining several exit strategies.  They conversation held lots of “maybe’s” and “we coulds”.  I heard some uncertaintly when we were hashing out all the details of a strategic relocation.  Don’t get me wrong, there is wisdom in planning…but there comes a time when you just have to say “let’s do it.”

So I asked the million dollar question, “Do you want to move to Tahoe?”…Silence.  And then finally a “Yes!” At this point, I believe the hardest part of a major decision is over.  Now it is time to do the footwork to see it manifest.  No more living in limbo, it is time to get busy.

All this to say you can do anything you set  your mind to.  Will it be difficult? Will it cost you? Could there be massive amounts of sacrifice involved?  Yes to all these questions.  But in the end it will be worth it.

When you make a decision to buy a home and move to Tahoe, you are really making a decision for a different life.  Although there are many considerations for the home itself, it is really the beauty of the basin and the lifestyle that draws people here.  You won’t find a concrete jungle, there is no rat race… our quality of life far surpasses that of a city dweller (in my humble opinion).  Your relocation is a segue into a drastic and fantastic lifestyle makeover!

I work with an office of agents that are committed to helping you transition on multiple levels, not just the real estate transaction.  There is investment in you as a person, your goals and dreams.  Relationships are forged throught the process of buying and selling of real estate…you will end up with a friend in the end, guaranteed.  I am nursing the blisters from helping my last client move furniture!

Making a choice really is the hardest part of any major life event.  The rest will fall into place if it is meant to be!