Easy Like Sunday Morning…

My favorite time of the day is sunrise, hands down.  I have been blessed (sometimes it seems like a curse) to be a very early riser.  I think that my love
affair with Lake Tahoe has been nurtured through countless sunrises seen from the middle of the water…it never gets old.  This is the hour when I feel like I have the entire lake to myself even on the busiest of weekends.   Being on the water early in the morning makes everyday feel like Sunday morning.  It is free entertainment and is a personal mandate of my Lake Tahoe life.


But all of this beauty and splendor can turn into a landfill after a holiday weekend.  It quickly goes from these beautiful images above to this:




By noon on July 5th our beaches will be back to their pristine, natural self all thanks to countless volunteers that will come out in the early morning hours to pick up the mess left behind by others.  Please be conscious of your surroundings and willing to do your part so that all may enjoy the perfection of Tahoe.  It is only possible to teach respect by displaying it….and our youngers are watching us closely!

Enjoy your holiday weekend and be safe!