Summer in Tahoe: PINE POLLEN SEASON!!

Paleo-Pine-Pollen-Health-I just washed my car which I rarely do with my own two hands.  I spent an hour scrubbing and sudsing, a heap of wet rags lay drying on the sidewalk.  I was pleased with my work and went inside to put stuff away only to come out five minutes later and find my car covered in that fine yellow dust.  Ugh.  So I took out the feather broom and gave it a quick once over only to have another thin layer present by the time I put the broom back in its place.  Pollen season is here and it is part of life in Tahoe.


….and it is everywhere!  It covers my counters and furniture.  Rinsing off the deck leaves huge, dried remnants of the puddle that was.  Waves of it cover the lake and collect in the hidden pockets of the streams and rivers like a layer of grease after an oil spill.  You just simply can’t get away from it!

Every year I get a bit more sensitive to the stuff….my eyes are red and itchy, throat has a tickle and my nose is like a leaky faucet.  As common as talking about the weather, locals commiserate about their plethora of symptoms that crop up this time of year.  One would think that there are no real benefits to this annual curse that lasts for about 5-7 weeks every single year….but I just couldn’t buy into that.  So I did a little research because knowing the nature of pollen in general, it has to be good somewhere or we would have no food supply.  I discovered some great facts! Keep in mind that I am not a doctor, so if you have concerns you should check them out.

Here are the nutritional properties of pine pollen:

Contains 18 amino acids
Has numerous vitamins, including A, B1, B2, B6, B3, B9, Vitamins C, D (rare for plants!) E and Beta Carotene
Is full of minerals
Contains many powerful anti-oxidants
Has beneficial enzymes and other beneficial compounds

Medicinal uses include:

Relieving rheumatic pain
Relieving fatigue
Increasing endurance
Strengthening the immune system
Improving the skin
Strengthening the heart
Strengthening the GI tract and stomach
Increasing mental agility
Healing prostate problems
Increasing agility
Decreasing weight

Getting pine pollen into your system is as easy as collecting it and putting it in your smoothies or encapsulating it.  As if I needed another reason to love Tahoe.  There is no shortage of healing properties in nature and now I have a new outlook on what seemed to be a seasonal nuisance!

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2 thoughts on “Summer in Tahoe: PINE POLLEN SEASON!!”

  1. Steve Kerbrat

    Cool fact, wish I’d known that when we lived there.
    I wouldn’t mind living on the hill again. No way Jan would move away from the grandkids.
    Looks like you’re doing good.
    Love & miss you all,
    Steve K

    1. Yes, I know Jan and you are right. Let’s just hope some of the grandkids get the bug for Tahoe and then we can get you guys back!

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