Memorial Day Kick Off!

cropped-cropped-1383672_10151473670049364_696789714_n.jpgEver heard it??   I came to Tahoe for the Summer but stayed for the Winter?  That is the story of my Tahoe life…and there is no other way to kick it off properly than Memorial Day Weekend!

If you can get past the long lines of traffic, the long lines at the grocery and the long lines period….you will have to admit that there is some vibe going on.  It is a drawing of the spirit, I believe.   People flock to South Lake Tahoe because of their deep desire to be connected with nature and with each other.  Clearly it is magical and I get to wake up here nearly every day!  Oh yeah!

As we kick off this great season of beach days and long hikes I am blown away that this is my life…everyday.  Today I rolled into Crossfit with one eye open at 5am….scurried off to work for a few hours to meet lunch with a run and top it off with a bike ride and some deck time….ahhh, Summer!  Yes, this is what people purchase when they buy in Tahoe, the home is just the cherry on top!

It is crazy to think that in about three short weeks we will meet the longest day of the year followed by a gradual decent back to fall and beyond.  What this says to me is that I had better savor the moment before it is gone!  I love that there is a deep drive to connect on a simple level that sends people to Tahoe to settle down for a place of retreat.  It is simply the most amazing place that I have ever been and I never tire of its wonder.

So when you are out and about this weekend, you will see many opportunities to invest in your future lifestyle.  I will be holding the home at 2616 Pinter in Tahoe Sierra open to see if it is the right fit for you and yours.  Hope that you will come by and see me to say hello, have a snack and sit for one still moment.  Ahhh…