Spring Update!

The evidence is here….Spring has made her way to Tahoe!  Yes, I know it will snow this week, but it won’t last and we will be on to the next warm spell.  I have a tub full of chicks in the kitchen and the temperature hit 58 degrees yesterday.  I am a happy girl…FullSizeRender

This is the time of the year where I start to plan out our home improvement projects, both minor and major.  This years major project:  The back deck.  After getting a site assessment last Summer from the TRPA, I was pleased to find out that I have coverage left plus some of my planned deck will be exempt.  This allows me to put in a pretty good sized deck that will accommodate my rather large family.  Since we spend a lot of time in the yard during the Summer, this is a most excellent use of resources and I imagine that a plethora of happy times will be had by all.

Going through the proper channels to make sure that what you put your hand to is allowed is a must in the basin.  I have contact numbers for both the city of SLT and the TRPA on my website under “Building in the Basin”.  Use these resources to make sure that what you plan can be carried out.  I have made the mistake to bypass this vital step only to have to go through the time and energy to take down what was put up.  They mean business….but they are very approachable and are willing to help you get  your project done right if you just ask first!

If you have paid any attention at all, you know that Tahoe is host to several top notch bike and foot races.  Usually I am more of a running recluse….heading for solitude in the hills, but this year I decided to dive in and be a part of.  To celebrate my inaugural Death ride, I bought a new carbon fiber road bike.  I’m more than excited to get some milage on this bad boy!  Living here avails me an opportunity to go out my front door and end up in a multitude of amazing places either by foot or ride.  I am in love with the mountain top experience….it calls to me.  There is very little in this world that compares to reaching the summit and looking down on my journey.FullSizeRender 2

Yes, we will battle the sporadic storms for the next couple months, but after almost 20 years of living here I think I finally got a handle on it.  I won’t plant anything unless it is in a portable container and I won’t put my snow shovels away just yet.  However, I won’t let it stop my Spring Fever….


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  1. Karyn Hill

    AMAZING!!!!! You have inspired me to get a move on, get my priorities in order…….and, find my perfect home (with your expert help of course)!! My goal is the month of April and no later……Looking forward to it!!!!

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