South Lake Tahoe Real Estate: Family Life

IMG_0644I had an awakening this week….of the not so edifying kind.  I would typically describe myself as compassionate and kind.  I gravitate towards those that are suffering, rescue animals and send meals to the sick.  Go me.  Then a situation came up and I realized that I may not be who I think I am.  Ever have one of those moments??  They can be especially difficult.

My lovely darling daughter, Katrina fell off the loft ladder a couple of weeks ago.  After the thump there were many tears and I decided that a good parent would get it checked out…so we went to get an X-ray.  Opting for the less pocketbook painful method (because I was sure it was unnecessary), I took her to a chiropractor that did X-rays.  He really didn’t think one was necessary and I felt entirely co-signed in my denial.  On with our regularly scheduled day.

…but she kept telling me that it hurt.  And, I really was getting tired of hearing it.  I witnessed her asking everyone in the family to do stuff for her and I thought that it was a scam.  She has been injured before and we all rose to the occasion with service and sympathy.  But this time I was not so sure…was she just needing attention?  Were there other divergent problems?  Did she just hate PE???  Goodness, what was wrong with this girl??

So, finally after two weeks of her asking me to give her the world, I took her to the doctor for an X-ray.  After sitting in the waiting room for some time I made the snide comment, “It better be broken.”

It was.

I about died.  And then I started crying and couldn’t stop….ugh.

I guess the real lesson for my breakdown was that I need to be a better listener.  She was talking to me but I wasn’t hearing what she was saying.  Do you ever have those moments where you feel that you have missed it so bad that there is no making up for it??  This was one of those times!

I talked to her that night and begged her forgiveness with many tears.  Of course she forgave me and kept saying, “Mom, you didn’t know.” But she was telling me all along, I just did not hear her.

After a confirmation that it was broken and a good report that she will be okay before ski season ends, I felt the weight of the world removed from my back.  But the lesson has been learned, albeit painful.  I will error on the side of love even if it is not convenient.

What does this have to do with real estate in general?  Nothing.  But it is a stark reminder that we are all human and make mistakes…and families make homes, not houses.