South Lake Tahoe Real Estate: Falling in for Winter

I’m a prepper.

Maybe it is having 5 children and always making sure that we have enough….I don’t know.  But I know that when I see that we are almost out of something is is too late…we are out!  And to my defense, I am not a pack rat or a hoarder; everything that I stock up on is something that we consume mass quantities of in this house.  At the end of the day I do not feel I deserve a disease label but a medal.

This fall has been a bit of a late start in my preparations because real estate season has been good.  The applesauce is done (28 quarts) and pumpkin butter is on its way maybe next week but the real concern was the firewood.  Last year I had it all done by August…this year not so much.  For the last week my job has been firewood…and as of today it is done.IMG_0612

For all the reports of an El Nino that have come down the pipe, I am not convinced by their information that we will be buried in snow.  What convinces me that this just might be an epic winter is the fact that I am not even close to ready for it!  It’s a Murphy’s law sort of thing…If I had all my ducks in a row it would be another winter like last!  Here is to procrastination..

This year I got to watch some magic in my kitchen as my oldest daughter took on the task of canning about 80 lbs of peaches.  It was very gratifying watching her and her friend peeling away, mounds of peach skins all over the counters.  They did the processing on the back deck and worked away until 9pm at night.  She got a glimpse of how labor intensive good food is and was entirely proud of her accomplishments.  And I was proud of her.  I love it when something that I have done over the years becomes important to one of my children….I have instilled a value of simplicity and hard work, two traits that make the world a better place.

…and another epic moment happened this weekend when the last of my hens finally laid an egg.  Yes…all but her lay and she was just la-zy!  She got her act together and finally came through although it sounded like all hell was breaking loose in the coop.  Tomorrow morning I will enjoy the fruit of both my labor and hers when I have my breakfast!IMG_0613

Life out in the county is very simple and full for me.  There is always something around the house that needs doing and the pride of ownership often overwhelms me.  How did I get so blessed to live in such a beautiful place?  What did I ever do to deserve what I have been given? Lord only knows.  But I am grateful…I do not take my home for granted!