South Lake Tahoe Real Estate: Summer is in FULL SWING!

It seems like the days have been in fast forward…it is already almost the end of July!  It has been a constant stream of houseguests, BBQ’s, trips and activity.  Our typical schedule is out the window and late nights by the fire pit have become our norm.  I love it.

The kids and Blair hiked into Dardanelles Lake for an overnighter…I ran in to meet them for a while and ran home before dark.  On the way in I hit it hard, trying to get there as fast as I could so not to miss the kids in the water and rock jumping, but on the way out I took my time.  Running through the meadow was exhilarating…wildflowers present and the sun warmly coating the all that the eye could see.  It hit me again like it often does…I am among the blessed to live in this beautiful place and have all of this right out my front door.  It is humbling to call this home…it is way more than I deserve and I am often in awe in what is readily available to me.  I love Tahoe with all my heart and can not imagine where else I could call home.

I spent a few days in Las Vegas with family this week for my little sister’s wedding.  In that lies an amazing story full of reconciliation and reconnection, but the overwhelming realization was that the city is just not for me.  Aside from it being hot as hell (they say that at 105 degrees it was on the cooler side), the amount of concrete made my heart sad.  Bike paths and trails all manufactured…the whole city’s existence was made not created.  Yes, there is a difference.

But the event was beautiful and I got to be part of something very special…and then I got to return home with a renewed sense of gratitude.  I love home.

Make the most of what is left of this wondrous season…the lake is ready to receive you!11695964_834754806607832_5347485265532281984_n