South Lake Tahoe Real Estate: Signs that it is Summer!

Although during those 11 or so days of rain I was totally over it, today I am glad.  What a great way to kick off the Summer season!  The moisture was well worth the suffering and as I mentioned in an earlier post, the wildflowers are showing up way ahead of schedule…plan accordingly.

All that rain made my grass grow like crazy! As of yesterday my lawns were in desperate need of a mow…like going to seed in need.  My partner who usually handles all that is out of the country for who knows how long, so I needed help.  I put my Facebook feelers out and someone was over to mow and set my sprinklers to the new schedule within the hour!  That is one of the great things about a small town…it is easy to get the word out when you need a hand.  Fast, friendly and more than fair…my yards look amazing and I have yet to water!


Summertime means yard sales…millions of them.  People are getting their garages cleaned out and getting rid of all the junk!  When can you feel good about accepting a dollar for something that you paid probably $30 for other than when you are ditching crap in a yard sale??  My older daughters and I hosted a yard sale for a friend and were wheeling and dealing all morning.  Paperbacks for .25 and housewares for $1.00.  I don’t think we took more that $3.00 for any one thing!  A garage that you couldn’t even walk through last week looked pretty good after we were done.


And of course there is always the pile that I am tempted to bring back inside and put away, but this time I did not!  I put in a “Curb Alert” with the South Lake Tahoe Freebie Community and it wasn’t long before it was basically gone.


FullSizeRender 2After it was all said and done, I was dead tired and starving while my little helpers decided to make their way to the beach.  With highs in the 70’s, this was the perfect day to break in the new bikini.  This is my young grand baby, Niya…love her to pieces.

FullSizeRenderJust another normal Saturday in the life.

And let’s not forget the season of stockpiling for the winter.  Although laborious, gathering wood for the winter is great therapy so long as my back holds out.  It is the season of doing each other favors…someone has cut a tree out of their yard and wants the wood gone, I come scoop it up and put it in my yard.  Free fuel and they are as happy to see it go as I am to receive it!

FullSizeRender 7.17.27 PM

I love Tahoe.  I love the simplicity and the community.  My neighbors were my best customers today.  I had one that took hockey gear and paid me in apricot jam.  To me, this was way more valuable than money.  As I took my walk down to Lake Baron this evening, I was filled with a level of contentment and deep satisfaction.  I love my home, my neighborhood and my town.  I have a plethora of wonderful amenities right outside my front door.  I feel entirely fortunate to live in such a beautiful place and be able to do so many adventurous things right in my own back yard.

When I came home and put the dogs in the yard, my new chickens were putting themselves to roost in their new coop ( first few nights I had to catch them and put them to bed myself!).  I sat outside on my deck and had supper while the sun was starting to set.  Peace, quite and nature. Ahhh.  Summertime rules.