South Lake Tahoe Real Estate: Splendid Bicycle Afternoon



I’m on the other side of it for sure…no chance of snow any time soon and I am happy to say it!  This afternoon is the first of several warm and calm afternoons and I fully took advantage of it.  I scooted out early from work, geared up and embraced the inner roadie in me.

I wasn’t out to kill it today, I was more in observation mode.  The blue sky with the snow capped mountains (sparse on the snow) were a glorious sight.  We were loving the mild conditions with the stellar sights….a perfect afternoon for a ride!

South Lake Tahoe has always been supurb for mountain bikers.  Recently when visitors come to town they are rolling in with their mountain bikes on the back of the car and their snow boards strapped to the top!  That is what you call recreational diversity!

But now we are seeing vast improvements for the road bikers as well.  With the addition of miles of new bike trails around town it is now easier than ever to get out and get active.  Tonight we did a 20 mile loop that included North Upper Truckee, Tahoe Mountain, Fallen Leaf and Baldwin Beach.  There is new trail all over the place and it is super smooth riding!  More trail is being carved out all along Saw Mill Pond Road…and it keeps on going.  I am loving the improvements and what it does for our community and our lifestyles.

Tahoe also attracts some great, large scale organized races such as the Amgen, Bike Big Blue and the Death Ride.  These events feed the spirit of athleticism, stimulate the ecomomy and bring us together.  I struggle to think of one con.

So, I encourage you to get out there and breathe Tahoe in.  I have come to the point that I can no longer sit inside if I can see blue out my windows.  This truly is one of the most beautiful places on the planet and it is one of my life goals to experience as many trails, peaks, lakes and streams as I possibly can!cropped-cropped-IMG_3361.JPG.jpeg