South Lake Tahoe Real Estate: Accepting Spring




Where is that Miracle March they promised?  Why is it that my ski pass is so shiny new??  With a full bag of ice melt in the garage and about 3 cords of wood left over, I have come to a conclusion:  I’m over it.

And, I’m good with it.  I really am.  After a couple of nice rides on my road bike and some glorious trail runs under my belt I am embracing the Spring.  No more lamenting over all the lost dollars of ski season!

I spent the afternoon on Tahoe Mountain yesterday.  I parked my car low and went to the top of the burn…a much needed break from the grind that I put myself through.  As I sat up there and watched the sunshine blanket the hillside with the lake in the background, I fell in love with my mountain existence all over again.  I am truly in awe every time I slow down and really absorb where I am and where I get to live my life.  While I sat, I became undone.  Undone with an overwhelming sense of gratitude at my fortune.

As a mercy vessel, I have been blessed to travel the world through missions.  I have been to some amazing places, some unique and unchartered.  Although my life has centered down in many ways, I come from a place of experience when I say that Lake Tahoe is the most beautiful place that I have ever been.  It may be that I am biased but I will not waiver from my claim.  It could be that I have so many deep and tender memories of raising my kids here.  Possibly it is the liberation of finding myself through trail running?  The tranquility of being the last on the beach as the sun sets?  Peaceful evenings on my back deck watching Mt. Tallac be kissed by magenta and gold?

I am not the only one.  I have attracted a partner who feels as I do and really appreciates how fortunate we are to be here. Children will emulate what they see and as a result we have a pack of mountain loving young people who really care about this magical place and love the lifestyle that they have been blessed with.

We have created a life here and I couldn’t love it more.  So, yes….I am accepting this season and all that it offers.  Those moments when I sit on the top and look down on the marvelous creation before me are the very thing that keeps me working so hard to stay here.  Lake Tahoe has changed my life.

I have been blessed with a position of helping others find their place here.  It is truly a joy to be part of the process.