South Lake Tahoe Real Estate: FINALLY!


It has been a season of work these days.  For most of the winter there really has not been too much reason to go through all of the trouble of getting my gear ready and heading to the mountain.  Why would I bother?  I know, most of you avid skiers would argue that manufactured snow is better than none at all…but I really am not in a hurry to high tail it up to the resort to share a couple of groomed runs with a gazillion of my closest strangers.

And then yesterday happened.  Yay!  It was an amazing day of fun and long overdue.  It really wouldn’t have mattered how may chores I had or how much work that needed to be done….it was time to play hooky from it all and get in some serious laps.

I am not a meteorologist.  I don’t know a lot about weather patterns.  I don’t own a Farmer’s Almanac.  I just trust in a process that is orchestrated by a power greater than I to run the climate.  It usually comes around full circle though it might take a few years.  There has been a lot of hype about how our climate has radically changed due to some sort of axis shift, moon alignment or some other weird hypothesis that was so out there that I already forgot it.  Hype.  All of it.

If you look back through history you will see that they’re have been many years that Tahoe has seen dry winters.  Just when we think that it doesn’t snow in Tahoe anymore we get a miracle storm, a “Miracle March” storm.  Now I won’t claim that yesterday’s snowfall was a miracle by any stretch of the imagination, I just wanted to point out that we have seen dry spells that lasted for years in the past and we will see them again.  But, there has always been winters of redemption…maybe next year?

I enjoyed my powder day and yes, I am praying for more.  But not so much for skiing but for the safety of this precious basin come summertime.  We NEED that water…and right now water is like gold in California.