South Lake Tahoe Real Estate=Healtly!

South Lake Tahoe Real Estate has seen some crazy trends in the past.  But now we are seeing progress in every sense of the word.  They finally did something with the hole in the ground at Stateline.   Edgewood is getting a major facelift and in the throws of building a resort hotel.   The Hard Rock Hotel is scheduled to open it’s hotel casino in January and now the Factory Outlet stores at the “Y” have been bought with a plan to do a huge renovation this year.  Progress…lots of it, all headed in the right direction.  And although you will always get mixed opinions about franchises, Auto Zone and BevMo have saw fit to make South Lake Tahoe their home.  Why?  Because this is one of the most sough after resort town in the United States…home to Olympians and posessor of one of the most beautiful bodies of water known to man!  We produce a quality product here in South Shore and the world is taking notice!

How about our home values?  What are our chances of recovery from the high in 2005?  What we are seeing these days is steady, sustainable growth that will carry us forward for the long haul.  We are not seeing a sudden surge of inflated home prices, but a realistic appreciation to bring us to a value that can be trusted.

HPESBarChart-3891cf-1024x699What does this mean for investors?  For those interested in buying, fixing and selling quickly (flip) the properties may be fewer and further in-between, but still present given enough effort.  If that is not you, South Lake Tahoe provides an excellent investment opportunity for those who are looking to have a steady appreciation of a piece of paradise.  Steady being the key word…anything else is just risky.

This year promises to be superb for homebuyers.  There are some fantastic programs for income qualifying individuals, PMI rates have seen some reductions and interest rates are amazing.  First Time Homebuyer?   There is no better time than the present!  Let your agent help make homeownership easy.