Are You Thankful?


I have been told that the key to happiness is not having what you want, but wanting what you already have.  Well, I am sure that there are many keys to happiness but this one was one that resonated in my spirit.  Not unlike having a front door that has a deadbolt which is keyed differently, happiness is a multifaceted proposition…requiring many spiritual surrenders.  Every one of these surrenders has an undercurrent of taking the focus off of myself and putting it somewhere more useful.

And then there is gratitude.  Most of the time I feel that I am pretty grateful, but then again I have a pretty good life which makes gratitude a bit easier.  I have travelled to many third world countries, fine tuning my perspective on the subject but we all know that even though you see how little someone else has doesn’t mean that appreciation comes in like a flood.  I could make a mile long list of all the things that I am grateful for and it would look a lot like any typical Thanksgiving list; family..friends…love beyond measure.  For this abundantly blessed woman, gratitude is what I breathe.  My quality of life is second to none because of it.

But there was a time when I didn’t know how to be grateful or happy.  Nothing worked.  I was always looking for someone or something to take care of that for me and I consistently came up empty and unsatisfied.  Thank God I had a person in my life who did not let me get away with this!  Being told that I was responsible for my own happiness and not to look for it in a person, place or thing was transforming information.  Now, I had been told this many times before but this particular time was a pivotal moment in which I was truly ready to hear it with both ears and my heart.  I finally believed that I could make the changes that were necessary to be liberated from my own liabilities.

Since then life has vastly improved