Am I ready for winter?? God, I hope so…

Maybe enough??

Ok…so, I like it about a balmy 72 degrees in the house.  I know that is is not energy efficient to run the house this way, but that is the way I like it.  And no, Las Vegas is not an option…although I do have family there!

I may offend some of you by saying that I run the wood burning stove ALL THE TIME.  And most of the time it is for free. I say free in cost…but it cost me in time. A lot of it.

In 2012 I divorced.  Suddenly the gas bill was important as I was paying it on my own.  When I bought a house that needed major TLC in 2013, I pulled out that gas burning unit and opted for a compliant wood burning stove.  Best move ever!  Suddenly it became not so much about the money, but about the quality time spent in front of that fire…talking, playing games and watching movies.  If the fire is going you will find all three of my dogs vying for the  optimal spot.

Back to the free…well, I didn’t write a check for the pine but I spent a ton of man hours gathering, cutting, splitting and stacking wood.  I bought a log splitter off of Craig’s List and went to town.  This picture is of the finished product after plugging away all summer long.  At the far right you will see some oak that I use at the end of the night to keep it hot while I am sleeping, that I paid for.  When they delivered the oak, I made a connection with a needy family who desperately needed the work and I saw their commitment as every member helped me stack my portion.  Since that day I  have been able to send business their way…I love it when it all comes full circle.

I will say it whole heartedly, the ambient heat and atmosphere that the fire provides is far worth the effort off all those hours spent in labor.  I can’t express to you the depth and value of some of the conversations held before said fire…every one of them priceless.

All this to say that sometimes the fruit of our labor does not even remotely resemble  the task that made the harvest possible.