Making magic happen…and keeping it real.


I was a home schooling mom of five kids for over 13 years.  Everyday was a school day in our world.  Although we spent a great deal of time in the books, we also made an educational experience out of all that we did, whether it was riding a chair lift at the ski resort or grocery shopping…there was always an opportunity to glean some little bit of knowledge from all we put our hands to.  I miss those days of waking up early to hit the books and then hitting the powder afterward.  Life was unstructured structure and I loved every day of it.

These days the kids are in public school and I am back to work.  I took that crisp, clean real estate license and proudly hung it at Realty World.  I spent years building an educational foundation for those little people and now I am busy  building a career that will sustain me into my golden years.  I know that I have a lot of work to do before the actual work begins…I am actually enjoying the process!  I am in an office full of great people who seem to genuinely care…I like that a lot.

When it comes to navigating the real estate business, there are times when I am entirely sure of the direction I am going and then there are times when I am pretty sure that I am doing it all wrong.  Today I realized that this is no different than how I felt when I was homeschooling my kids!  We would have those banner days when it felt like we were light years ahead of the rest of the world…then we would run into someone who had a six year old who could speak three languages and I would feel the weight of defeat.  Ugh.

A voice of reason told me that I am my brand.  I am unique. I took this to heart as there are so many out there trying to create an image that will sell.

I wake up everyday with the intention of doing the best I can.  I have a lot and I am grateful for it.  I am making connections and those will take their course and develop.  My kids are healthy and strong, smart and adjust well to all of the curve balls that life throws at them.  We are doing okay…better than okay. I make mistakes, try to own them and make them right.  I have friends, really good ones that I can call at 3am.  And most importantly, when I look in the mirror I like who I see and do not wish to be someone else.  Then I came to a realization…I do not want to be a salesperson…and I have a choice not to be one.

If you are looking for someone to help you find a place to call home, please call me.  I am excited to be part of that process.  If it is time for you to move on and you need help finding someone to make your home their own, please call me.  I would love to be part of that process as well.

I choose to be a servant.